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About Us

AnaNew: Spanispeak, the best young Start up in Valencian Community, Spain (2017).  

My name is Ana H. Iranzo, born in Spain and founder of Spanispeak. I have earned a Master Degree in Teaching and Journalism and Media Science with an exchange experience in Sweden. I have been working as both a journalist and teacher since 2009.   I really enjoy teaching, reading, playing tennis, new technologies, learning languages and travelling.

I started this project in 2012 with my first clients, two lovely Japanese kids (Kei and Maki Kihakawa) when I met Graham J. (from Ten Sentences). He soon made me realize how successful videoconference lessons could be and how integrated those experiences are in Asia to learn foreign languages. I made some inquiries and started Spanispeak in the weekends. The results far exceeded my expectations, as I started realizing how useful many online tools are for teaching Spanish and exchange cultures in a very comfortable way. Ever since, I've had the chance of helping a large amount of students make great strides and that’s very rewarding to me.

In my opinion, speaking Spanish in real time makes the teaching process incredibly fun and enjoyable for both students and teachers. According to latest research, having a good time in class is proven to help students remember what they learn more effectively. Therefore, it is very important to me not only to provide you with highly qualified teachers, but ones who are also enthusiastic and understanding as part of our teachers team.

“Our goal is to enable you to feel relaxed and confident when you communicate in Spanish during and outside the class. Preparing you for all occasions.”

The mission of Spanispeak is to provide Spanish language lessons through the internet when and where students want, for the best price. Allowing students to schedule and reschedule the classes (24 hours before the start) with their private, native Spanish teachers. We are convinced that the more time students use the language, the sooner they will learn. That’s why our vision is not only to provide lessons, but also to create a community of students where they can participate and put into practice what they have learned, share personal likes, immerse themselves in another countries culture and make friends by using the Spanish they are learning.

As a member, you will also receive a lifetime subscription to our Spanispeak community on Facebook and an invitation to join our yearly meeting in a different capital in Europe to keep practicing and building the community. Learn more about what else you will receive as a member of Spaniskype!

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Download Skype. You will need access to a functioning headset and a Skype account. Skype is the most widely used videochat service and is for free! We recommend that you familiarize yourself with how Skype works – the service is user-friendly and full of possibilities like the "share screen option" that will allow us to have access to the same material in real time.

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Sign up for a Spanispeak session. To make the best out of your first session, we would first like to know a bit more about you. We will ask you to provide us some basic information about your Spanish language level and modality of lessons.

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Wait for our confirmation email. We will arrange a suitable time with you as soon as possible. Before we start our free lesson, we will also send you a free learning material pack via Skype!

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  • Schedule your Trial Class with our teachers by email.
  • Go to Skype or Google Hangout at the agreed time.
  • The teacher will call you and share his/her screen.
  • Enjoy your fun and interactive lesson when and wherever you want.
  • Full payment is due the second week of lessons.  Email for more details