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Getting motivated to speak Spanish

If you are here it’s because you like the Spanish language: the way it sounds, the romantic and expressive words, the melodic intonation of it.

But also, it’s because you haven’t found yet the way to get into it as deep as you want. You still don’t feel comfortable when speaking. You aren’t able to have the kind of conversations you imagine in your mind. The worst thing is, you have tried everything.

  • You tried a Spanish class, but there are too many people, and you never get to talk or practice.
  • You tried mobile apps like Duolingo or Mango. But after a while, you realize they’ll never get you to actually speak the language.
  • You tried language exchanges, maybe on Skype, maybe live on Meetups. But you find them disorganized and not helpful for your learning.
  • You tried self-studying with internet resources, but there’s so much stuff that it’s hard to know what’s useful or a waste of time. Therefore, you keep on jumping from one site to another, not making any real progress.

But what if you had a private, professional coach that knows exactly where you are and what you need to do to get to the next level?


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