Spanish for beginners (A1 level)

PDF: Curriculum A1

This is the perfect level for you if you have never studied Spanish before as it starts form zero. We will pay particular attention to pronunciation and the basic vocabulary and grammar necessary to communicate with simple but useful expressions.

Some of the content of this course includes:

  • Forming questions about day to day topics.
  • Talking about daily routines.
  • Introducing someone and responding to introductions.
  • Comparing people, objects, places, and situations.
  • Describing weather and people's traits (physical and personality).
  • Expressing plans, projects, and preferences.
  • Accepting invitations and meeting up.
  • Supporting and denying outside information.
  • Expressing knowledge and a lack of understanding.
  • Expressing and asking about needs, interests, likes, and wishes.
  • Knowing how to manage a situation in a clothing shop or restaurant.
  • Mastering oral communication (asking someone to repeat something, making sure. someone has understood something, spelling or asking someone to spell something. aloud or to write it out, asking someone to speak louder or more slowly).

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