Spanish for beginners (A2 level)

PDF: Curriculum A2

PDF: Curriculum A2+ 

This level is ideal if you already know a little Spanish but haven’t studied for some time. This course will help you to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary and grammar necessary to communicate in the most common day-to-day situations and also allow you to develop reading skills.

Let´s consolidate your basic knowledge with these beginner's courses. Following the course step-by-step you can quickly gain an understanding of the most important ideas, and you can learn up to Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Here are some of the topics we work on this level:

  • Expressing with numbers in different communicative situations.
  • Referring to actions and common situations or the immediate present.
  • Referring to actions and situations from the past.
  • Talking about the person’s different stages in life (biographies).
  • Talking about journeys, professions and means of Communications.
  • Talking about the parts of the body and health problems.
  • Talking about historic, social and cultural events.
  • Talking on the phone (most common expressions).
  • Expressing quantity.
  • Advising someone about something.
  • Forming questions in different communicative contexts.
  • Controlling oral communication (asking to repeat what was said, checking that one understood everything said, asking to speak more slowly/raising voice, asking about a word or expression one does not know or has been forgotten).

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