Spanish for intermediate students (B2 level)

PDF: Curriculum B2

This curriculum is designed for students who want to speak with native speakers in a fluent and natural way; to write clear and detailed texts about various topics, as well as to understand the main ideas of a technical text that deals with concrete and abstract topics.

Some of the topic of this course will be:

  • Talking about impossible hypothesis in the past.
  • Asking for and giving advice and reacting.
  • Passing on to others what has been said.
  • Expressing opinions (agreement or disagreement) and arguing.
  • Suggesting and reacting.
  • Talking about an event or anecdote from the past.
  • Laying down conditions to do something.
  • Describing and evaluating a show.
  • Describing and giving opinions about customs and social behaviors.
  • Expressing value judgement.
  • Expressing likes and being surprised about customs from other cultures.
  • Regretting, lamenting and reproaching.
  • Talking about an event’s circumstances.

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