Spanish Classes in Valencia (Spain)

Now we are in Valencia! We provide One and One lessons or in Small Groups (from 2-6 students).

Where are we? 

We are in Valencia, Spain and the lessons will take place:

  • By the beach
  • On Skype, Zoom or Gmail
  • In different cafés in Valencia
  • At home

What is the private course? 

This is an individual course perfect for students who enjoy a more intimate learning experience. This program is entirely customized to suit your personal goals and needs. You will work hand in hand with a language coach.

How the group courses are working?

The high level of interaction offered in this small group programs is so intense that you will develop language confidence fast to communicate in most business and social settings. In this program you will receive all the personal attention and motivation you need to speak with confidence and proficiency in a small group.

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