Spanish for exchange students

The course is specially designed for exchange students going to Spain next year. This is the definitive guide with language and cultural issues that you should learn before you step out of the plane!

Academic life

We help you with your academic life before your exchange experience.

  • Improve your Spanish level during those previous months of preparation.
  • Learn how to use the specific vocabulary of your field. For example: Spanish for Business, Architects, Doctors, Psychologists, Engineers, Journalist, Politics, Lawyers and much more.
  • Get to know other students in the same situation and create a community even before you arrive.
  • Count on the support of your native tutor for any inconvenient or trouble you may find during the process.
  • Relax and enjoy the e-learning experience with all material included.

Erasmus life

And not only that, in this course you will have a better idea about Spain before studying and living there. You will find many cultural recommendations and places to visit.

Language preparation

Buy a pack of hours and reach the next language level from the comfort of your own house and timetable. Try 30 min for FREE and get to know your native tutor! Jump in anytime you want!

Is there anything better than your native coach to show and explain you everything you need to know in advance?

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