Spanispeak courses

  • Spanish for beginners (A1 level)

    Spanish for beginners (A1 level)

    This is the perfect level for you if you have never studied Spanish before as it starts form zero. We…

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  • Conversation lessons (all levels)

    Conversation lessons (all levels)

    Practise with a native from Spain all the topics of your interest on Skype.

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  • Spanish for exchange students

    Spanish for exchange students

    Where to go: cities, How to find an accommodation, How to create a bank account, Sim card for the phone,…

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    If you need to use Spanish in your job then this is the perfect course for you. Spanish for Business…

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  • Translation Services

    Translation Services

    Do you usually work with the written Spanish and still have some doubts? Do you study Spanish in the University…

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    Would you like to have the diploma of Spanish as a foreign language (DELE)? We train you to succeed for…

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  • Spanish Classes in Valencia (Spain)

    Spanish Classes in Valencia (Spain)

    Perfect for the student who enjoys a more intimate learning experience, this program is entirely customized to suit your personal…

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  • Spanish for beginners (A2 level)

    Spanish for beginners (A2 level)

    This level is ideal if you already know a little Spanish but haven’t studied for some time. This course will…

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  • Spanish for intermediate students (B1 level)

    Spanish for intermediate students (B1 le

    This level is suitable for people who are already able to communicate in social situations but would like to develop…

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