Spanispeak courses

  • Spanish for intermediate students (B2 level)

    Spanish for intermediate students (B2 le

    This curriculum is designed for students who want to speak with native speakers in a fluent and natural way; to…

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  • Spanish for advanced students (C1 level)

    Spanish for advanced students (C1 level)

    This course is designed for people who would like to develop their speaking and reading skills to a higher level…

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    Spending quality time with our children is extremely important for their development and happiness. We must find ways to reinforce…

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  • Spanish Documentaries and Movies

    Spanish Documentaries and Movies

    Join our discussion and debate groups for movies and documentaries and practise your Spanish when and wherever you want with…

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  • Travel in Latin America

    Travel in Latin America

    Since few people speak English in Latin America and Spain, it’s helpful to know some Spanish when traveling there.

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  • CHILDREN (8-14)

    CHILDREN (8-14)

    Young children are uniquely suited to learn a second language. The developing brain is hard-wired to acquire language fast. Never…

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  • Special: Spanish Trouble Points!

    Special: Spanish Trouble Points!

    If you want to stop making the same mistakes when it comes to the speaking, take this course. It is…

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  • Spanish for tourism

    Spanish for tourism

    This course is designed for people who want to learn and educate themselves as hoteliers, guides and travel agency staff.

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  • Traveling around Spain

    Traveling around Spain

    Get started with this online introductory course with the basic vocabulary and grammar structures everyone should know before their trip!

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