How does it work?

How does it work?

Before each lesson, the teacher sends the necessary files for class via email or Google Drive to the student's private folder. They can edit and print the material or simply work on it online.

Spanispeak students also receive a reference book for their level in pdf format. The teachers call the student using Skype or Zoom and they share their screen with the students. That option will allow us to have access to the same material in real time.

Students get a structured and personalized plan for every lesson. This includes videos, theories, exercises, online resources and cultural recommendations, depending on the student’s preferences.

Every class we focus on a different topic or skill following the Common European Framework for languages. However, we suit the lessons to your interests because there is no better way to learn than enjoying the topics of your choice.

During our lesson we take the pressure out of the grammar and make the learning experience much more authentic, light, and fun. The classes easily motivate students to use language creatively through role-play, conversation starters, problem-solving tasks and content-based activities.

Our material is totally adapted to our students’ level and needs. Although we recommend use of a Gmail account to share documents on GoogleDrive, it is not a requirement. 

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