Spanish conversations

Spanish Conversation lessons

Conversation classes are for those who already have basic Spanish knowledge and need more practice or correction to enrich their vocabulary and speak fluidly. These lessons are designed for people who wish to build their Spanish communication skills for everyday situations.

Recommended level: +A2 (Advanced beginners).

Practice topics of your choosing with a Spanish native on Skype.

These classes are by far the best way to improve your Spanish speaking and listening abilities so you can use it in real life situations.

These classes easily motivate students to use language creatively through role-plays, conversation starters, problem-solving tasks and content-based activities.

Students practice key language functions such as persuading, obtaining information, responding to requests, expressing preferences and giving commands. Numerous authentic documents, photographs, illustrations, and readings throughout the text provide points of departure for discussion, debate and cross-cultural comparison.

If you would like to have some grammar with your conversation, we also can do that. Remember that these classes are tailor-made! Our Spanish conversation lessons are 50 minutes long.

Our Spanish Conversation lessons focus on helping you to improve Spanish language:

- Pronunciation
- Listening comprehension
- Fluency
- Accuracy
- Vocabulary

You will have the chance to discuss a variety of topics depending on your level, a list of suggested subjects will be send ahead of time but you are free to suggest new ones.

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