The best Videos to learn Spanish

Watching Spanish videos is a very funny and amusing way to learn. The problem of the TV usually is that we can’t stop or rewind if we didn’t understand something. On the other hand, films are sometimes long and complicated to understand (and they might have an accent that we are not used to). Another difficulty is the speed or not having subtitles. According to my own experience… I learn better when I can read what they are saying. This way we can learn expressions in context and at the same time we can see how can we write them and pronounce them! Nowadays, with tools like youtube we don’t have all these problems.

I suggest some websites or channels where you can find videos adapted to the needs of a language student.

1) The series EXTRA: this is a sit-com for students from A1 to B1. I won’t tell you the plot but it is very funny! And you can find it with subtitles!

2) The series “mi vida loca”: this is a BBC suggestion of 22 interactive episodes where you are the protagonist! You must write and pronounce some things. It starts in the basic level and you can find grammar and vocabulary hints in English (there are Spanish subtitles too).

Difusion’s chanel on Youtube: here you can find videos from the student’s book of this publishing house. The books for adults are: Bitacora, Aula (Internacional) and Gente hoy. The videos are from A1 to B1. They cover very different topics and you can find them with or without subtitles.

4) Gringo Español  Spanish lessons in English with the common problems for english native speakers.

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