I teach undergraduate English classes at the University of Shiga Prefecture in Japan; I also run an online language and team-building project called SkypeRead (www.tensentences.com). I am British, my wife is Japanese, and we have two children aged 12 and 9.

Ana Hernandez Iranzo has taught weekly Spanish classes, via Skype, to both our children since February 2013. Since day one, she has consistently achieved results that have completely exceeded our expectations.

She developed an extremely strong rapport with both children almost immediately. This was particularly impressive because she had never met them in person, and neither of the children (especially the youngest one) had, until that time, enjoyed using Skype.

Thanks to Ana’s wonderful support and encouragement, both children have made tremendous progress with their Spanish; she has also helped them to become confident and relaxed about using the language. Again, this is particularly impressive because they have no opportunity to speak Spanish outside of their weekly Skype classes.

Ana has devised an astonishing variety of engaging activities, all of which have got the children using Spanish in a natural and effective way. For example, a joint pancake-making session (with Ana in her kitchen in Spain, and our youngest child in the kitchen here in Japan) was highly imaginative and productive.

Ana has kept me fully involved with the children’s progress through insightful feedback and recommendations. My wife and I have been very happy to ‘stand back’ and give Ana total control over the content and direction of the classes: we have 100% confidence in her.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Ana. She is enormously professional, talented, creative, passionate, energetic and hard-working. In whatever way she chooses to use her exceptional skills, she has a very, very exciting future!

Graham Kitakawa,