Working as an internet marketeer in Belgium, I like innovative ideas to learn new things. But being able to learn so much just by talking to someone on Skype wasn't one of them. While most people use Skype for online meetings, Ana knows the ins and outs of Skype for educational goals, sharing documents and screens and implementing interactive conversations and exercises. As a master in Teaching with more than 6 years of experience, she also has a particularly interesting way to keep me focussed on the material at hand. After already following a traditional Spanish language course in Belgium (that I didn't follow through, because I was a bit bored), I made a lot of progress with Spaniskype in just 10 sessions of 1 hour. Having an experienced, native, private Spanish teacher at my fingertips that I can connect with from anywhere in the world, is probably the single best way to take my Spanish language skills to the next level!

A.M. Buedts,